CASE STUDY: Providing Fuel for Enterprise Decision-Making Engines

Eloqua analytics, intelligent data processing, and results' strategic assessment represent primary fields of modern digital marketing. Fueling our clients with rich data, tailored to specific needs, enables value-added decision-making capabilities that go beyond out-of-the-box solutions provided in Eloqua Insight or its dashboards.

Our partner in MarTech expertise, a global edge-to-cloud enterprise, ongoingly benefits from our analytical proficiency to build custom, non-standard Eloqua reports on essential campaign metrics. Now, we offer you a chance to get a good sense of these reports' utility.

Download the Customer Success Story to better understand how an effective reporting system allows our client to increase marketing automation transparency, productivity, accuracy, and timeliness.

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Challenges addressed

  • The complexity of large-scale reporting 
  • Genericuntailored reporting solutions 
  • Scattered, disorganized data 
  • Disorganized data sources 
  • 3rd party dependencies on information provision 
  • Poorly visualized data 
  • Overly simplified or irrelevant data 

Solutions provided

  • Fully customizable reporting solutions  
  • Holistic, multiple-source database 
  • Business requirements assessment 
  • Clear and structured dashboards 
  • Dynamic updates 
  • Clear data visualization 
  • Strict yet flexible data processing rules 

Our MarTech expertise works for companies such as:


Logarithmic Co-Founder

"Our business was born as a response to this on-going knowledge sharing. It all comes down to how we manage to articulate very technical aspects of what we do in a way that clients easily understand. Solutions and best-practice processes often come in handy right off the shelf, but when we customize or build from scratch, we feel it really makes a difference. It's rewarding not just for our clients, but for us too."

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