How we reconstruct the Eloqua Privacy Flow for Fortune 500 companies

Between emerging technologies and ever-changing risks, proliferating devices, or compliance with a long list of regulations - all hindered by the risk of human error – privacy management is overwhelming for even the more experienced.

Within a complex mix of data priorities and databases, the single source of truth for privacy values gets easily corrupted. But we can lend a helping hand. Throughout extensive years of enterprise MarTech proficiency, our certified consultants have gained the vital expertise in architecting and managing privacy data flows needed to honor and secure your customers’ privacy.

Book a meeting with our trusted Eloqua Consulting experts and let us demonstrate how we can help you:

• gain valuable insights into reducing current privacy flow risks

• find out the means to avoid any privacy issue escalation

• mitigate the likelihood of unforeseen data exposure

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Eloqua Privacy Workflow Management Audit

What does this trial service comprise?

Step 1

We’ll set up a brief meeting to introduce ourselves and determine mutual goals, priorities or any challenges faced

Step 2

We perform our signature Privacy Workflow analysis based on all data collected and our validated subject matter expertise

  • Identify possible weaknesses in your Eloqua Privacy Workflow
  • Mitigate compliance risks, system loops or mismatch between expectations and reality
  • Further perfect any area where there is potential for improvement

Step 3

We make recommendations on any areas of improvement where you can enhance the functionality of your Eloqua Privacy Workflow

Our MarTech expertise works for companies such as:


Logarithmic Co-Founder

"Our business was born as a response to this on-going knowledge sharing. It all comes down to how we manage to articulate very technical aspects of what we do in a way that clients easily understand. Solutions and best-practice processes often come in handy right off the shelf, but when we customize or build from scratch, we feel it really makes a difference. It's rewarding not just for our clients, but for us too."

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