CASE STUDY: Eloqua Data Restructuring for Lead Generation Enhancement

With vast amounts of data generated daily, structure and clarity are vital to attaining the highest potential from marketing automation systems. Despite the complexity behind restructuring the logic for collecting, storing and processing large volumes of data, finetuned Eloqua expertise provides an elegant solution to any challenge.

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Challanges addressed

  • Inefficient usage of available fields  
  • Unconventional naming procedures
  • Lack of data structure 
  • An unoptimized approach for data gathering
  • Crucial data missing for lead generation
  • System errors (when details are correctly added, but leads are not created within 1h) 

Solutions provided

  • Fixed all existing backlog issues
  • Real-time monitoring of the lead generation process
  • Normalization of the record data and translation of values
  • Lead evaluation steps to optimize autonomous lead creation
  • Record evaluation based on data needs
  • Historical data gathering and analysis of contacts' activities
  • CRM campaign execution algorithms and methodology optimization

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