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Better business outcomes aren’t always proportional to resource volume. Sometimes, you can do more with less. Take email sending practices as an example. If you regularly send newsletters to multiple audiences in different time zones, at many times of day, you know how difficult it is to determine the best possible moment to contact. Do you get all the necessary information from your metrics? How do you use this data for decision-making?

In truth, there will always be something more you can do to make an impactful difference in campaign performance, if only you even further analyze results. No added configuration effort.

Benefit from a sample of our Eloqua Reporting expertise and let us show you how our Enhanced Deliverability Report helps you:

• gain insights on how to improve your email deliverability

• target your audiences with personalized, pin-point accuracy

• find out the best performing email moments for each time zone

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Eloqua Enhanced Deliverability Report

What does this trial service comprise?

Step 1

We’ll set up a brief meeting to introduce ourselves and better understand your needs and goals (improving open rates, CTR)

  • Sufficient information should be available for the reporting to be statistically relevant
  • You need to have historically sent audiences multiple emails at different times
  • You need to have historically sent audiences multiple emails in different time zones

Step 2

We'll need to retrieve the needed data in order to analyze your email deliverability across time zones

Step 3

We will create your report, providing you with clear recommendations on courses of action you can take to improve your email marketing performance

Our MarTech expertise works for companies such as:


Logarithmic Co-Founder

"Our business was born as a response to this on-going knowledge sharing. It all comes down to how we manage to articulate very technical aspects of what we do in a way that clients easily understand. Solutions and best-practice processes often come in handy right off the shelf, but when we customize or build from scratch, we feel it really makes a difference. It's rewarding not just for our clients, but for us too."

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