CASE STUDY: Optimizing Campaign Production for a Global Tech Giant

Eloqua campaign production poses a challenge for large enterprises, where business activities stretch across multiple countries, teams, and objectives. This often leads to rushed decisions, improper resource allocation or unmet deadlines. We aimed to relieve our client of these implications by bringing clarity, structure, and effective controlling to global E2E digital campaign configuration efforts.

In the form of a new business process coherent with Eloqua, we designed ARM DRIM, helping our client transform their once overly-complicated configuration workflow into a convenient endeavor.

How did our Fortune 500 enterprise client optimize their approach to E2E digital campaign configuration? What role did we play? Find out in the Customer Success Story!

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Challanges addressed

  • Lack of campaigns focus on business priorities  
  • Too many meeting participants, too many email recipients 
  • Mixed roles & responsibilities, lack of ownership
  • Blended business and technical requirements 
  • Undocumented processes for intake, configuration and reporting
  • Lack of systems and tools for cross-team capacity planning 

Solutions provided

  • Shifted campaign intake from emails and meetings to a digital tool 
  • Developed a digital marketing campaigns intake platform 
  • Integrated the intake platform with the assets management system 
  • Optimized Project Management procedures, systems, and tools 
  • Introduced a new team setup with clear roles and responsibilities 

Our MarTech expertise works for companies such as:


Logarithmic Co-Founder

"Our business was born as a response to this on-going knowledge sharing. It all comes down to how we manage to articulate very technical aspects of what we do in a way that clients easily understand. Solutions and best-practice processes often come in handy right off the shelf, but when we customize or build from scratch, we feel it really makes a difference. It's rewarding not just for our clients, but for us too."

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